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For high-wealth individuals

Investors no longer have to forgo investment performance when they want to invest in firms that match their values and worldview, thanks to contemporary portfolio management tools and our unique data analytics.

We enable people to achieve traditional investment returns with the added benefits of a portfolio construction and rebalancing engine that can deliver a diversified, low-cost, and tax-efficient portfolio while also giving the investor a high level of control over a wide range of company-specific behaviors, values, practices, and so on. Our clients may create their own financial footprint and feel inspired by the positive influence that their investments have around the globe.

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Jason Escamilla, CFA

Jason has more than 25 years of expertise managing investment portfolios for endowments, colleges, mutual funds, churches, and high-net-worth families, beginning at Seneca Capital Management.

Senior Wealth Advisor

Michele has over 25 years of financial services expertise and is well-versed in macroeconomic trends and portfolio management. Michele specializes in customizing tax-efficient asset management strategies for high-net-worth clients.

Jason Gailes
Institutional Sales / Business Development

Jason began his investment career in 1997 at Lehman Brothers, where he worked in Equity Sales and Trading. This was after Jason competed in the 1996 Olympic Games in Rowing.

Top rated financial advisor

"When you’re looking to park taxable cash,
there are smarter places than a money market fund"

Jason Escamillia, CFA, has decades of expertise managing bespoke investment portfolios, starting 25 years ago at Seneca Capital Management for endowments, colleges, mutual funds, churches, and high-net-worth families, where tax-efficient, sustainable, and social-impact portfolios were all available.

He created and managed the development of a fully-integrated portfolio management software, which allowed a small staff to handle hundreds of unique portfolios, including specific social-impact and tax-optimizing overlays, in addition to trading, completing research, and portfolio administration.

Other areas of competence include long-, short-, and quant-style hedge funds, with a focus on deep-dive stock analysis. With this background, as well as the rising degree of computer power and investing expertise throughout the world, he was disabused of the notion that anyone's values-driven choices could outperform or underperform the market averages over time. Simply put, a properly built portfolio allows you to be more selective, without hurting your returns.

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16 oct

How AI Will Change Investing

Computers can “learn” investing, but can they emulate the sound judgment of finance professionals?

...For example, even the smartest computer may not know how to contend with a dumb leadership team, a hostile takeover or other uniquely human irrationalities. It can't take advantage of cryptocurrencies that soar without reason (unless you count, perhaps, a greed stampede). Nor can it calculate how Elon Musk's bizarre behavior and cult of personality impact the share price of Tesla (TSLA).

"Human advisors have a good sense of the value of their client's time and when to make the call," says Jason R. Escamilla, CEO and chief investment officer at ImpactAdvisor in San Francisco. "When tax reform passed last year, days before the year's end, we were able to save our clients thousands of dollars each with tax-smart, last-minute action items. There was no iPhone app making those phone calls."

"I expect that over time, human advisors who have greater experience and more sophisticated investment strategies will regain the upper hand," says Tyler Hay, CEO of Evergreen Gavekal, an international, independent registered investment advisor serving high net-worth clients. "This year, we have seen a number of notable roboadvisors throw in the towel, such as Hedgeable and LearnVest."

"At this stage, AI can provide a competitive advantage but we cannot purely rely on it without the constant monitoring of an ethical and human mind," says Ruggero Gramatica, an AI specialist and founder and CEO at Yewno in Palo Alto, California.

Yet human vagaries can also play on the investor side of the equation, too. Says Gramatica: "On the one hand, one could argue that machines lack human judgment. On the other, we could say that machine learning systems can minimize human bias by allowing the construction of data-driven decision-making processes."