As investors increasingly apply non-financial factors as part of their analysis process to identify material risks and growth opportunities, ImpactAdvisor creates strategies with a team of finance and enterprise software experts boasting decades of experience creating and administering sophisticated investment solutions for high-net-worth individuals. These products include
social-impact portfolios and socially and ecologically conscious mutual funds, endowments, and pension funds for investors who are laser-focused on results after taxes, fees, and expenditures.

Environmental, social, and governance

ESG, or Environmental, Social, and Governance, refers to non-financial elements that are increasingly being used by investors today in their research process to identify substantial dangers and growth possibilities. Clients may relax in style knowing that their investments are in line with the priorities set out in their investment strategy by Impact Advisor. IA is able to reduce numerous levels of fees and expenditures using cutting-edge technologies, resulting in greatly enhanced after-tax performance.


The most lucrative and client-centric approach to investing is with completely customized investment portfolios that are created from the ground up to be transparent, customized for each client's circumstances in terms of return, risk, and tax, and minus the added fees and hidden expenses.

Direct Indexing with ImpactAdvisor

your choices, enhanced

Total customization: you may diversify your portfolio with a variety of alternatives. Your core values may be used as input for the portfolio creation engine, which looks for top-performing firms in a diversified portfolio that is ethically managed.


Taxes are often the most significant impediment to accumulating wealth
Using AI/Machine Learning developed at ImpactAdvisor, clients are able to add 1-2 percent extra to their yearly 'tax alpha' through gain & loss realization strategies that are customized to your tax profile.


Social Investing

Personalized & tax-optimized for The future

With 75% of individual investors interested in sustainable investing and that number growing even higher across Millennial investors, people are really stepping up to show support for companies that take a stand or make an effort when it comes to important social issues and impacting causes.

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